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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing
by Sheila Turnage
From the publisher:
"The eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Newbery honor winner and New York Times bestseller, Three Times Lucky

Small towns have rules. One is, you got to stay who you are – no matter how many murders you solve.

When Miss Lana makes an Accidental Bid at the Tupelo auction and winds up the mortified owner of an old inn, she doesn't realize there's a ghost in the fine print. Naturally, Desperado Detective Agency (aka Mo and Dale) opens a paranormal division to solve the mystery of the ghost's identity. They've got to figure out who the ghost is so they can interview it for their history assignment (extra credit). But Mo and Dale start to realize that the Inn isn't the only haunted place in Tupelo Landing. People can also be haunted by their own past. As Mo and Dale handily track down the truth about the ghost (with some help from the new kid in town), they discover the truth about a great many other people, too.

A laugh out loud, ghostly, Southern mystery that can be enjoyed by readers visiting Tupelo Landing for the first time, as well as those who are old friends of Mo and Dale."

How I love Miss Mo LoBeau and her companion in all things, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III! This is the second book about the charming, quirky town of Tupelo Landing, the first being the Newbery Honor book, Three Times Lucky .   If the author doesn't continue writing books about Tupelo Landing, my one request is that she at least fast-forward 7 years so we can see what happens when Mo can finally date her beloved Lavender (if Lavender hasn't been snatched up by one of the big-haired twins or Miss Retzyl's sister!).

I have decided that all that is really necessary in a review of a Sheila Turnage book is to put in quotes from the book. How can you not want to read a book with these quotes?!

"If I'm not mistaken, Buddha's a family name," Miss Lana said in a voice shaved from ice. It was quasi-true.  Bubba is a family name. Buddha's mama is dyslexic.

"I'm Jake Exum," he said. "This is my brother Jimmy. Until now we been homeschooled."
"Mama expelled us," Jimmy added.

"Stress focuses you right up until it sucks your brain dry. Standardized testing taught me that."

"It's Friday," I reminded her. "We prefer our homework to age over the weekend, making it tender."

"Nice posture. I'm more of a slumpist myself."

Is there a more quotable author than Sheila Turnage? I doubt it. I just know I will continue to read whatever books she writes and hope they live up to the Tupelo Landing books.

Suggested Ages:
Publisher's Weekly - Ages 10+
School Library Journal - Grades 4-6
*Once again, Ms. Turnage has written a book that is for everyone!

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