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Monday, October 28, 2013

Time Between Us

Time Between Us
by Tamara Ireland Stone
From the publisher:
"Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet: she lives in 1995 Chicago and he lives in 2012 San Francisco. But Bennett has the unique ability to travel through time and space, which brings him into Anna’s life, and with him a new world of adventure and possibility.

As their relationship deepens, the two face the reality that time may knock Bennett back to where he belongs, even as a devastating crisis throws everything they believe into question. Against a ticking clock, Anna and Bennett are forced to ask themselves how far they can push the bounds of fate, what consequences they can bear in order to stay together, and whether their love can stand the test of time.

Fresh, exciting, and deeply romantic, Time Between Us is a stunning, spellbinding debut from an extraordinary new voice in YA fiction."

I finished this 2 days ago and am not sure I remember it enough to really review it. That's probably a bad sign. I know that it has gotten rave reviews, and I know that I liked it, but it was in no way life-changing for me. One of the best things I remember about it is that it had a strong family unit with loving parents who were there and very protective. That is unfortunately not the norm for YA books. I quite liked the characters. I loved that Anna was obsessed with travel books and music, and that she was a good and loyal friend. The secondary characters were fun and important to the story. I think teenagers will really enjoy this book.

Areas of concern: I don't remember much cussing at all. There was one part where the teenage couple were spending the day together walking along the beach... and then it says something like, ".. and then we spent the night together". It is never mentioned again. There is a robbery where a character is held at knife-point, and a bad car accident which leaves a character in a coma.

Suggested Ages:
Booklist -  Grades 7-12
Publisher's Weekly -  Ages 12+

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